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Reagan Wood – Land Specialist

(512) 201-3229 or (512) 459-9500 Ext. 2

6806 Bee Caves Road, Suite 1B, Austin, TX 78746


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

CCIM Candidate (Completed Finance and Negotiation Courses)

Various Real Estate Investment, Tax, and Development Courses

Routinely complete continuing education on real estate entitlements, platting, flood plains, form-based code and zoning, mixed-use development, new urbanism, joint venture structures, and related topics.


Reagan is a former land development engineer and has been around land investment since childhood. As a result, she sees land differently than most brokers. Reagan enjoys tackling complex deals that have unique entitlement constraints. Her technical background allows her to provide superior analysis of properties and submarkets. Reagan also enjoys connecting with property owners and earning their trust. In her opinion, all real estate professionals are in the relationship and data business.

Reagan began working in commercial real estate after dismissing her residential realtor in 2009 and overseeing a condo development from raw land to finish, including writing the technical specifications and managing construction. Shortly thereafter, Reagan decided to pivot from a career in engineering to pursue investment projects and brokerage. Reagan has since become the go-to land expert for some of Austin’s most accomplished developers, owners, and buyers. She has a reputation for really “getting” land and for creating opportunities. Because of this, she routinely receives calls from developers across the United States who have heard of her by word of mouth and seek her help understanding Austin and its surrounding markets. Clients consistently describe her as savvy, tenacious, detail-oriented, strategic, ethical, and a creative deal-maker who gets things done.

Reagan holds leadership roles in Austin’s two premier commercial real estate societies, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the Real Estate Council of Austin (RECA). In these roles, she works on the topics most critical to land use in Austin – CodeNext and Affordability. She believes that the best way to advise clients is to be a thought leader on the ever-changing rules that govern real estate in Austin.

Reagan has a track record of helping owners maximize the sales price of their properties. Her land use skillset allows her to see the constraints for each unique piece of land. Her creative mindset pushes her to seek new and innovative solutions for her clients. And her commitment to her clients motivates her to always reach for the best possible price.


Eckhert Road – 5.5 Acre Exclusive Sales Listing near Medical Center in San Antonio, TX – Under Contract.

Produced Dramatically Different Results
Before: Previous listing broker procured 0 offers in 6 years
After: Under contract within a month
Contract price within 3% of “stretch” target price
How: Real estate entitlements knowledge. Rigorous analysis of constraints. Ability to determine the correct highest and best use for a site. Ability to price the property optimally and market it effectively and efficiently to the appropriate qualified buyers. Synthesize knowledge of a site’s physical, regulatory, and political constraints relative to the cost and economic viability of the different product types. Attention to detail – determined that the extensive marketing channels typially utilized were not reaching buyers of land in San Antonio. Personally researched the decision-makers at the most active senior living and single family firms and called them directly to explain the site’s opportunities.
Can provide case study.

1500 & 1510 E. 4th Street – Exclusive Sales Listing for 0.5 Acres and 12,000 sf Building near Plaza Saltillo Rail Station – Closed, September 2017.

Informed and Connected
Assessed site and entitlement constraints.
Was informed about a large-scale and potentially City-changing development coming online next door.
Remained informed about its political process.
Understood what wasn’t possible for the site
Determined highest-and-best-use would be an end-user purchase and adaptive reuse of the buildings rather than development.
Can provide case study.

Hotel Magdalena Mixed-Use Assemblage – South Congress Avenue – Buyer Representation

Hustle, Rapport, and Results
Before: Previous tries with owner spanned over two years.
After: Owner to terms within two months.
How: Understood site constraints and highest and best use. Established trust and rapport. Served as a resource on the market for the owner. Created deal structure that respected the owner.

13801 N. Burnet Road (Southeast Corner of Mopac and Wells Branch) – 5.74 acres with 60,000 sf Building – Exclusive Sales Listing | Exclusive Lease Listing | Tenant Representation Assignment (of Owner) | Potential Property Management Assignment (for Owner)

Private Equity Level of Strategy
Identified underperforming property. Proposed four-pronged strategy to owner. Won the business. Selected Teams to perform the strategies.

Implemented strategies to meet owner’s needs and optimize cash flow of existing asset. Positioned existing asset for highest possible sales price. Understood that despite the existing 60,000 sf building, the highest and best use of the property will be for redevelopment (covered land play). Identified sophisticated and qualified buyers.
Explained the complex site configuration and its private equity opportunities to prospective buyers. Continue to ensure that owner’s remaining leasing objective is met.
Connected owner with property manager. Ensure that high-level strategies are on track for owner.
Can provide case study.


The Urban Land Institute (ULI) – Member, City of Austin Policy & CodeNext Committee Member, Co-Chair of Housing Member Council, Young Leaders.
The Real Estate Council of Austin (RECA) – Member, Communications and Events Committee, CodeNext Roundtable.
Help Clifford Help Kids (HCHK) – Co-Chair.



We could not be more impressed by your integrity and your ethics. You’re so professional and we like how you’ve created and leveraged strategies for the property. They’re on another level from what we’ve experienced. We can’t express how impressed we are, not just with how you conduct yourself, but with your knowledge and what you’ve gotten done. A lot of people talk about getting deals done, but you get it done. Our previous broker had the listing 6 years with no offers, and you have it under contract in a month.

Dr. Matt McCarty, Balcones Pain Clinic
matthew mccarthy

Reagan, you have been amazing throughout this entire process on every front; from your property manager referrals, to your incredibly hard work at every step in negotiating the purchase price, making the agreement, organizing and following up inspections, running and analyzing rent comparables, finding lenders and supplying them with information they need to evaluate loans, and the list goes on. You have been a stellar, clear, and persistent salesperson.

Thank you for all your hard work, and your ethics.

Michael H. Lester JD CPA, Business Manager for Client Pearl Pad, LLC
michael lester

Reagan worked tirelessly to deliver the dream location we wanted for our growing practice but didn’t think possible. She was able to secure for us an off-market space in the highly coveted Seaholm district that also met our size parameters and business needs.

Reagan was smart, hard-working, thorough, strategic, had strong relationships, and delivered results that put our business first. We told her what we wanted, and she made our lives easier and made it happen. Read More..

Randy Kunik, Kunik Orthodontics
Randy Kunik

“Reagan Wood is a very smart, intuitive and hardworking sales agent. She is particularly skillful in sourcing off market opportunities.

Diana Zuniga, Investor/Broker
diana zuniga

You really get land. You’re well more involved in your deals than most brokers we deal with, and it is nice to see!

KB Homes, San Antonio , Manager of Land Acquisition
kb home logo